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Special Effects Technician

Michael Cassel Group is seeking to recruit an exceptional, experienced Special Effects Technician to work on one of our productions in Melbourne, Australia.

To be successful in this exciting role, you will have significant experience working with special effects on large scale productions. You will have had direct responsibility for and experience working with the following:

  • Advanced experience in the operation, programming and maintenance of liquid flame systems; gas flame systems; electronic firing systems and Galaxis™ firing systems.
  • Advanced experience in the use of special effects in close proximity to cast, crew and general public.
  • Experience in the handling, storage, and use of high pressure compressed gases and dangerous goods including both gases (nitrogen, propane) and liquids (flammable, toxic, corrosive, carcinogenic).
  • Strong understanding and working knowledge of risk management including the use of appropriate PPE and management techniques to protect both users and bystanders from hazards associated with the use dangerous goods and flame systems.
  • Training in fire-fighting and fire suppression.
  • First aid training including emergency burns treatment and management.
  • Moderate/entry level experience in live theatre.

The Special Effects Technician, in addition to their duties relating to the daily upkeep and operation of all special effects systems and equipment, will also support the mechanist department, assisting with the day-to-day staging requirements of the production, including performance duties.

This position requires an extraordinary attention to detail, an ability to manage complex systems with high levels of risk, and to work calmly and effectively in a high-pressure, collaborative environment.

To be successful in this role we would expect that you have had a minimum 2 years working with special effects.

This is a full time, award position, for a run-of-play term, commencing in October 2018.

Applications close on 30 July 2018.

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Company Manager

Michael Cassel Group is seeking to recruit an experienced Company Manager to lead an established company for the tour of Priscilla Queen of the Desert in Adelaide and Brisbane.

  • Immediate start
  • Established Company
  • Commit to a run of play contract for the tour

Your leadership ability will ensure you can provide day-to-day management and support to the cast, crew, orchestra and other production personnel, lifting them to achieve their best work. You will also be able to think on your feet to trouble shoot and resolve a multitude of issues, whilst maintaining a calm and reassuring presence. You must be proficient in Awards Agreements and the Working with Children Codes of Practice.

You will have the attention to detail to ensure all administration tasks are completed as required, effectively executing payroll, insurance, policies, finance and administration tasks. Managing transfer logistics is an essential part of this role. Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel and excellent written and verbal communication skills are a must.

Importantly, you will have the presence and maturity to serve as the Producer’s representative in the theatre, embodying the ethos of Michael Cassel Group all times.

The Company Manager, working with the Assistant Company Manager, is crucial to the success of the production. As Company Manager, you must be capable of working independently, but you will have the backing and support of the broader Michael Cassel Group team.

If you would like to have a confidential discussion about this opportunity, please phone Catherine on +61 2 8324 4327

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